Author: Carafoli

Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e pepe is a pasta dish from modern Roman cuisine. Cacio e pepe means “cheese and pepper” in several central Italian dialects. The ingredients of the dish are simple: black pepper, grated Pecorino Romano cheese,(some recipes mix in some Parmesan cheese) and spaghetti. Ingredients:          3 to 4 ounces of uncooked bronze thick pasta          2 […]


This is a basic recipe for Italian-American meatballs. You can add other ingredient to it like ground a few pieces of mortadella, a dash of nutmeg for variety. Ingredients:                   1 ½ ground beef             1 ¼ ground pork             ¼ cup breadcrumbs             ¼ cup whole milk             1 tablespoon fresh parsley             1 small onion, minced and sauteed in […]


I once learned to make this bread from my dear friend Mufalda (Muffy Maioline. The way she cooked was typical of the way the Italian women in the village of Sagamore cooked. Muffy could not tell me the amounts of the ingredients she was using so to record this recipe, I had to measure everything. […]

Laura’s Biscotti

My friend Laura Borghi has this recipe down pat.  When ever I am having a special, occasions, Laura makes her biscotti for me. They are great for dipping in wine and a good accompaniment to roasted chestnuts with wine.  Ingredients:             1 cup sugar             3/4 cup butter             4 eggs             1 teaspoon vanilla             1 ounce bottle anise extract […]

Espresso Gelatina Caffè (Espresso Coffee Jelly)

Ingredients:             (1/4-ounce) package unflavored gelatin             4 tablespoon sugar             3 tablespoons cold water             2 cups fresh brewed espresso coffee Directions: In a small saucepan, combine gelatin, sugar, and cold water. Add 1 cup of the coffee and boil over high heat. Stir until the gelatin and sugar have dissolved. Pour the mixture into a small bowl […]


What better way to entertain guest for the holidays than an abbondanza Italian antipasto beautiful and artfully presented? It should be pretty to look at. Choose foods with lots of flavors and a variety of color and tastes. Usually this antipasto is not followed by a first course because it is very substantial. It is […]