Author: Carafoli

Easy Tiramisu Dip

Rich and creamy mascarpone, bittersweet cocoa and bold espresso come together in this dessert-style dip. Serve it up with our crispy, airy Savoiardi Ladyfingers for a unique treat that is perfect for snacking or entertaining. Ingredients: 8 ounces mascarpone cheese, softened 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons instant espresso powder 1 (8-ounce.) container frozen whipped topping, […]

Panforte di Siena

This Italian recipe dates back to the 13th century and originated in Siena. I have eaten this desert, but never made until I asked Gillian Riley for a quote  for an article I was writing on Italian desserts. I decided to develop this recipe around the ingredients in Gillian’s book, The Oxford Companion to ITALIAN FOODS. This […]

Oysters Rockefeller

The original recipe was created in 1889 at the New Orleans restaurant Antoine’s. It has many variations and interpretations. Here is one that calls for simple ingredients. It’s both delicious and easy to put together. Ingredients: 2 dozen shucked oysters on the half shell 1 pound spinach, blanched and chopped 2 tablespoons finely minced shallots […]

Oysters on the Half Shell

Here are three suggestions, all slightly different. Mignonette Sauce This is the most classic sauce for oysters on the half shell. Usually it is make with white pepper, but I changed it to black pepper for a variation. Ingredients:             ¼ cup finely shallots (about 2½ ounces)             ¼ cup champagne vinegar             1/8 teaspoon […]

Torta Sbrisolona

A classic, delicious dry almond crumble made with white and yellow corn flours, sugar, egg, lard or butter and almonds. It is the specialty of Mantua in the Lombardy region of Italy. In Italian, sbrisolona means ‘to crumble’ or ‘to fall into pieces.’ This recipe was given to me by my friend Chef Alberto Ravazzini.  On our […]


You also can use this technique to make potato gnocchi. For years, I tried to find a good dish of gnocchi in the US. Never happened. In Italy, yes, but not here. I’ve sorted and tried many gnocchi recipes over the years, including many I found online. They all horrified me. Here is mine. Use […]